Updated November 6, 2017

See you during the 2018 Fall season.

Your Source for Fall Foliage Color Information

Southwestern WI and the area surrounding Ferryville, WI

Estimated Peak:  4th Week of October

Currently: Past Peak 

Trees are showing strong red's, rusts, gold/yellow - on the bluffs of the Mississippi River and the Kickapoo Valley.  The white pelicans are migrating South making the river and Highway 35 very pretty - especially our sunsets. Swans are coming in and the ducks have arrived!  (So have the duck hunters.) 

Highway 27, the ridge road is a very beautiful trip - in both directions with the colors are at their peak as well as Highway 171 - through Gays Mills and the orchard areas.  Bring your camera and binoculars because the image of the bluffs on the Mississippi River is breathtaking.  Stop at one of the pull-off places on Hwy 35 (The Great River Road National Scenic Byway) and take in the moment.Fall_-_Mississippi_River_Bluff.jpgMorning_fog_email.jpg

For information on other counties' and their Fall Color Reports visit Travel Wisconsin for a detail report.