Historical Events

Happening in Ferryville, WI  

There are some distinctive tidbits in the history of this small village. Ferryville has been "in the news" more than you would expect for a community of its size. Read on for interesting features in the history of our little village. 

Norwegian Royalty Stops in Ferryville May 6, 1939

Crown Prince Olav and Princess Martha made an unscheduled stop in Ferryville during their several month visit to the United States. This area, with its strong Norwegian roots, would not be passed - even by royalty - without notice. The train depot displayed the Norwegian flag and many citizens of the community and surrounding area greeted the royal couple. 


















1993 Mississippi River Flood

The Mississippi River flood of 1993 hits Ferryville.

1965 Mississippi River Flood

Ferryville was among the communities along the Mississippi River that was hit with the 1965 flood.

1915 Tornado Causes 8 Fatalities

A tornado killed eight people in Ferryville on June, 1915. The incident was widely reported at the time. Fatalities were listed as: William Sheehan, Mrs. J. C. Finley; Rose Finley; John Leppert; Genevieve McManus, infant daughter of Tim Finley; nine-year-old daughter of Leppert, unidentified man.

1878 Tornado Destroys Village

A tornado struck Ferryville in 1878 destroying the village. It was written at the time:  "... today a passerby can see no evidence of a village..."

1868 Murderer Arrested in Ferryville

The murder of Mrs. Anna Wallace took place in Richland County, Wisconsin in 1868. The perpetrator, 15 year old John Nevel, was apprehended in Ferryville.

World War I Casualties

Ferryville Patriots

Barker, Melvin, 28, Ferryville; Private 161 Depot Brigade, Camp Grant; Died of 
Disease (pneumonia) Oct 17, '18.

Hanson, Clarence, 21, Ferryville; Private Replacement Depot, Camp Shelby, Miss.; 
Died of Disease (pneumonia) Nov 6, '18.

Haugen, John, 25, Ferryville; Private 39 Infantry; overseas; Died of Disease 
(pneumonia) Nov 21, '18.

(information posted by David W. Taft, dtaft@cowtown.net, October 2002)

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