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Ferryville and Southwestern WI Bike Routes

Bikers of all skills are attracted to our area for the rolling hills, gentle and serious inclines, beautiful scenery, historical and present-day landmarks, and also the great workout! 

Ferryville is a great central location to many of the routes in Southwestern Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has provided an abundance of biking maps or routes in our area.  

Area Biking Routes
(Map Courtesy of the WI DOT; for more county maps visit the DOT site

Download full resolution maps below. Please note, these files are very large and may take a minute or two to download. 


Crawford County Bike Map (PDF)
Vernon County Bike Map (North of Ferryville) (PDF)
Grant County Bike Map (South of Ferryville) (PDF) 

**Please note, the map files above are a larger file size for better quality in printing. It may take a bit longer for them to download in your browser for viewing.  Thank you.