Spring and Fall Migration

Cerulean_Warbler_What_Bird1.jpgBeing on the Mississippi River Flyway means that thousands of birds use our area for navigating to points north in the spring and to all areas south in the fall.  The spring migration begins in May with the warblers, neo-tropicals, waterfowl, and bald eagles.  The woods covering the bluffs provide much needed food to the spring migrants, and the river offers fish, plants, and other aquatic food to the larger birds.  The fall migration is from mid September until the river freezes as tundra swans, ducks, geese, white pelicans, and bald eagles find food to sustain them on their long journey to wintering grounds.

Viewing Stations

River View Park in the center of downtown Ferryville is an ideal spot for viewing the ducks, geese, swans, and bald eagles.  There is a spotting scope permanently mounted as well as benches and a table for your use.  The boat landing at the north edge of Ferryville is also an area to see some of the many waterfowl.

Bird List

You can print this PDF file of the list of common birds seen in the area.

International Migration Day

May 10, 2014 will be celebrated with a hike at Sugar Creek Natural Area from 8 to 10 AM.  The Mississippi Valley Conservancy will be co-sponsoring this activity.