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Visit Ferryville

Experience our Great Outdoors

The best of both worlds. Sitting on the shores of the mighty Mississippi River and nestled against amazing bluffs with views you have to experience to believe!

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Road Tours & Mountain Biking

Bicyclists of all skills are attracted to our area for the rolling hills, gentle and serious inclines, beautiful scenery, historical and present-day landmarks, and also the great workout!

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Birding on the Mississippi River

Located in the midst of some of the best birdwatching and wildlife viewing habitats of America. The abundance of top-quality wetland habitats makes Ferryville the perfect destination for those seeking to observe the spring and fall migration of waterfowl.

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For the angler, refuge waters teem with crappies, walleye, northern pike, sauger, bass, perch, sunfish and catfish. Unusual fish like the sturgeon, paddlefish and American eel, also reside here.

This area of the Upper Mississippi attracts a great deal of fishermen, including fishing contests.

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Southwestern Wisconsin and the areas surrounding Ferryville are ‘go to’ places for the avid hunter and sportsman! We offer a wealth of natural wildlife for a bountiful hunting season. 

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Hiking Trails

Outdoor enthusiasts that love to hike, are close to some very scenic hiking trails at Southwestern Wisconsin state parks. You will enjoy bluff-views over the Upper Mississippi, and more.

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